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Combating your workplace Stress

Deadlines piling up, computer on a go-slow? Or maybe it’s the mother of all traffic jams making you late to work… It is, unfortunately inevitable that stress will affect us all at some point. With a staggering 12.5 Million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17 alone (HSE,2018), we decided…

Tips to Improve Office Productivity

Getting the most out of your working day isn’t always straight forward but there are plenty of quick ways to improve your productivity. We’ve collected some of our favourite tips and pieces of advice to help boost your office productivity with a few easy steps.

How To Load A Stapler

Depending on the type of stapler you have, refilling the staples will need a different approach but loading your Rapesco stapler is easy, be it top-loading, front-loading or even rear-loading.

Here’s a quick, simple guide to assist.

How To Load A Packing Tape Dispenser

A packing tape dispenser is ideal for sealing boxes, cartons and makes light work of all heavy duty packaging jobs. Rapesco’s 960 dispenser is quick and easy to load, too. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide on how to load this packaging tape dispenser.

Rapesco Marks 60 Years

Rapesco Office Products is celebrating its 60th year in business. Founded in 1957 and still in private ownership, the company has continually grown its product range and customer reach, today doing business in more than 100 countries worldwide with millions of customers relying on its products.

Adjustable 6-Hole Organiser/ Diary Punch (Silver)

New Adjustable 6-Hole Organiser / Diary Punch

The result of customer and market research, this unique adjustable Diary Punch is the first of its kind to suit such a wide range of organiser brands and sizes, suitable for punching refills to fit diaries and notebooks by Filofax, Collins, Mulberry and Quo Vadis and will suit the majority of personal organiser sizes (including A5)

Handy New 1m Boxes Join Staples Range

We’ve now launched a new pack size of 1,000 across our 923 Series of staples. These new, handy pack sizes are ideal for saving space as there’s no need to buy larger packs than needed and represent great value for money. Our 923 Series is a hugely popular size of staple. Perfect for use in…